About Us

WeVote is a nonpartisan "get-out-the-vote" nonprofit startup and a celebrated Fast Forward nonprofit technology grantee. WeVote is building a movement of excellent, passionate, part-time volunteers (starting with the founders) who build mobile technologies that will touch and mobilize millions of voters on Election Day.

We believe that many voters are busy, distracted, and impatient. Our goal is to provide a positive voting experience that helps people decide how to vote. More information is available at https://www.wevote.us or on Twitter @WeVote.


About Volunteering

From Webster's Dictionary:
volunteer: adjective   /  vɒlənˈtɪər 
used to describe someone who works without expecting payment, or the work they do:
- volunteer staff/workers
- a volunteer doctor/firefighter/lawyer
 o "The legal advice centres are staffed by volunteer lawyers."
 o "Her volunteer work took up most of her free time."


Please review our open volunteer positions and apply for the position(s) that match your qualifications. We will do our best to respond within two business days to your application. 

If you don't see a specific opportunity that is of interest, and you would like to be considered for another volunteer role, please use the "General Volunteering Opportunities" role and include a detailed note letting us know where you would like to volunteer. 

At this time we can only consider volunteers and interns who are currently residing in the US. 

Current Openings